Congrats to UM colleagues who have been granted in OCW/SURF incentive scheme

Congrats to UM colleagues who have been granted in OCW/SURF incentive scheme

Updated on 10 Nov 2020 | Published on 12 May 2020

This year the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has granted 15 projects (of 34 submitted) to start exploring new and challenging ideas in the context of open and online education. As many as 5 of these project proposals have been submitted by colleagues at Maastricht University (UM). In 1 we are involved as a partner.

Opportunities for innovation of education

Open and online education offers opportunities for innovation and enhancement of education. The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, therefore, provides funding with the incentive scheme on open and online education.

Projects could be proposed for two pillars (either Online education or Open learning materials) and apply for a budget of maximum of €100,000 (pillar 1) or €175,000 (pillar 2), to be matched by the faculty with the same amount as requested (in kind).


Pillar Online Education

Within this pillar, funding is granted for the redesign of existing education or the development of new online forms of education. Project proposals had to be in line with this year’s theme interaction and feedback. Educational institutions can experiment with setting up online guidance for students or peer feedback and assessment and investigate what is effective in their own context.

UM Projects that have been granted this year:


Pillar Open Learning material

Within this pillar, funding is provided for experimenting with sharing and reusing open learning materials with colleagues in domain-specific communities. The scheme encourages teaching staff to jointly create and reuse high-quality collections of open learning materials across institutional boundaries. Through collaboration, they can increase the quality of the open learning materials and use their time more efficiently. The last of 6 UM projects that will start this year is:

  • Web of Law (project leaders Gijs van Dijck & Gwen Noteborn (FL).


UM EduGrant Community

Coordination of the tender within UM was done under the umbrella of the EduGrant community (i.a. also focusing on Comenius grants) by faculty funding advisors, EDLAB and the UM Library, consisting of a workshop and (peer) review. Already in the first round of the current tender (last January), SURF mentioned being impressed by the proposals submitted by the UM, which encourages us to maintain and possibly even extend the community. We will definitely take the current (COVID-forced) experiences of online education into account when preparing new initiatives.

UM has previously been successful in acquiring OCW/SURF grants. Find out more about the previous projects.

Author: Gaby Lutgens, Team Coordinator Blended PBL Support at UM Library


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