Data stewardship: a new UM Library service

20 Feb 2019

UM Library now offers data steward services to researchers in addition to our support to make research data FAIR .

Data stewardship includes all tasks and responsibilities that relate to the care for research data during the various phases of the entire research data lifecycle. At Maastricht University each researcher is responsible for his/her data. However, for researchers who want or need support, different support services are in place.

In general, our data steward provides support for all kinds of data-related questions and provides information and training in the area of policy requirements, guidelines, and data management plans. The data steward serves as a centralized knowledge and communication hub for researchers. Also, our data steward can be supportive for more specific needs of researchers and assists in the translation of generic data policies into practical interpretations and applications within the faculty or department.

Because research data management differs per discipline, our data steward services are tailored to each faculty, in collaboration with the faculty policy adviser, information manager, and funding adviser.

Since January 2019, the library provides data steward services to the Faculty of Law. This includes a data steward who is present in the faculty one day per week. A similar service will soon also start at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS).


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