Digital assessment is a fact at UM

13 Jun 2019

After two test days (in April and May), the first digital exams took place in the MECC last week. They all went well.

4 June 2019: the first UM digital exam


Approximately 80 students took part in both the FPN exams (Tuesday 4 June) and the SBE exam (Thursday 6 June). For the FHML exam (Friday, June 7), this was around 250 students. In addition to the test coordinator and supervisors of each faculty, there was a lot of on-site support from the ICT Service Centre and functional management from UM Library.


Short evaluation

Following each exam, a short evaluation took place with all stakeholders, including the supervisors. That yields a number of small points that we will use to optimise the work processes. 

A number of students were also asked about their findings. In general, students were positive. It is striking that some of these students had prior concerns about the “chatter” of the keyboards. It turned out that no one had been bothered by it.


Future exams

In the exam weeks in July, another digital exam will take place, this time for FL with around 200 students.

We expect at least 20,000 digital exam sessions next year. This number is probably still growing. SBE and FPN are the front runners for the time being.

Author: Susanne Snijders, Communications officer UM Library


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.



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