On 6 February 2013 a download history link was added to the PubMed, MeSH and NLM Catalog Advanced page History feature.

Before then it was only possible to save your search History table in PubMed by making screenshots (Print Screen) or by Copy-Paste it to a text file. So this is great news!

Read more on PubMed History and Search Bar Updates


After opening a .csv (comma-separated values) file with Microsoft Excel, all data will be displayed in the first column. How do you set the delimiters correctly?

  • Select the first column > choose the ‘Data’ ribbon > click ‘Text to Columns’
  • File type: ‘Delimited’ > Next > Tick under Delimiters: ‘Comma’ > Next > Column data format: ‘General’ > Finish

Now your data will be displayed in separate columns.

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