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29 Jan 2018

Do you want to actively engage your students in the subject matter after they leave the Problem Based Learning (PBL) session? FeedbackFruits modules could facilitate this for your course!


As from this academic year, Maastricht University (UM) has joined a four-year consortium license with FeedbackFruits so you can make use of a set of (EleUM integrated) tools aimed at increasing student engagement, both during PBL sessions as well as outside the classroom.

Two modules we want to place in the spotlight this time are Interactive documents and Interactive video:

They are both piloted in the previous academic year. At the UM faculties FL and FHS teachers decided to use these modules to stimulate students to discuss materials, aiming for deeper learning and higher retention and collectively prepare for the next PBL session.

Any teacher at the UM can start making use of these modules. You can learn from the manuals  interactive documents / interactive video how to make the tool available in your EleUM course. You can also turn to your faculty key user for support.


Possible didactic scenarios

The basic of these modules is offering a (key) document or video using the Interactive Modules. You can leave it up to the students to get actively involved with the learning resources.

  • As an alternative (from the perspective of scaffolding), the teacher can pose one or more initial questions or remarks to kick-start the online discussion based on the material
  • To stimulate the online discussion even further teachers might add an obligatory element. You can i.e. partially grade the contributions made by the individual students. In one of the pilots students were asked to send their most noteworthy contributions, they thought best represented their level of performance


Additional FeedbackFruits modules

Teachers willing to experiment with the FeedbackFruits tools aimed at peer feedback (‘Peer Feedback’ or ‘Group Work Assessment’) in their courses are welcome to use them in ‘pilot-mode’.

Interested? Please contact EleUM Support via Ask your librarian. Based on experiences thus far we will offer you good practices and documentation to start working with these tools within the context of your own education.


Further reading

Activate your students with FeedbackFruits (Library Wall, 16 November 2017)


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