Both library locations get a rush of students in the pre-exam period: everybody is looking for a study place these days. Library staff at the information desks and library students in their red shirts in the front offices are happy to help you find a free space. Don’t hesitate to ask their assistance. They can also give you a street-map to trace all 4 library locations. And in this post we offer some alternatives.

Change your routine

Both the Randwyck and Inner City Library show a daily drop in visitor numbers from 19.00 onward. In Randwyck the chances of finding free study places even increase from 16.00. Our advice: avoid rush hours and choose a smart moment to start studying. Until Wednesday 21 October, the Inner City Library is open until 24.00 every day. The Randwyck Library is 4 of 5 weekdays (Mon-Thu) open as usual, until 22.00. 

For XXL opening hours Randwyck Library and other library locations: please check

Good to know when you are looking for a free study place

  • The library has two locations where you can study with your own device: the Bonnefanten Learning Spaces and the Tapijn Learning Spaces. Especially early birds are welcome in ‘Loods V’ at the ‘Tapijnkazerne’: bring your UM card to get access to one of the 180 learning spaces from 07.00! The Tapijn Learning Spaces are open until 23.00, 7 days a week
  • If not in use for exams or courses, you can use one of the 288 study places in the Randwyck Computer Centre (UNS.50)
  • Student Desktop Anywhere: With an internet connection, all UM students have access to the Student Desktop > Online Library all over the world. You can study from home, or  – for example – in available rooms all over the UM > 
  • New service: use ‘Web Room Booking‘ to book available (class)rooms within faculty and service centres buildings
  • You are welcome at Centre Céramique (Avenue Céramique 50). The Maastricht Public Library is open from Tuesday–Sunday. Check the opening hours 

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