Expansion of Chromebook facilities

26 Feb 2020

The demand for digital exams far exceeds the current number of 800 Chromebooks that is available for digital exams. A project group led by the University Library is working on expanding the number of Chromebooks to 1,400 and setting up similar small-scale facilities for the students who need special arrangements.

No mean feat

Even before the first large scale digital exams were underway in October it was clear that the current number of 800 Chromebooks would not be sufficient to meet demand. The Chromebooks are shared by multiple faculties who tend to schedule their digital exams at the same timeslots, and some faculties even have single courses that far exceed 800 students. The budget allowed for an expansion to 1,400, which is well within the total number of 1,800 seats at the MECC Westhal. This is no mean feat for our ICTS department. They will be configuring all the new Chromebooks by hand, one by one. The main challenge is expanding the current Wi-Fi network at the MECC Westhal to handle traffic from 1,400 Chromebooks simultaneously, which requires rigorous testing and advanced management of the network.


Exams with special arrangements

At the same time an additional 150 Chromebooks will be ordered for the exams with special arrangements. Two decentralised exam facilities with Chromebooks will be set up for students who need extra time for their exams: one in Randwyck and one at Tapijn.
Students on these locations will be using the same exam facilities as the students at MECC, and it will be easier to configure and maintain the decentralised exam facilities as compared to PCs. These locations will also undergo thorough testing to ensure that the exam Wi-Fi network is robust enough to handle digital exams.

Chromebooks have been ordered and should ready for testing in Spring 2020. If all goes well the new Chromebooks should be ready for use before the end of the current academic year.

Author: Tineke de Beaumont, Functional Support Digital Testing



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