Follow up on the SURF Call Open and Online Education – inspiration and background information

Follow up on the SURF Call Open and Online Education – inspiration and background information

by | 10 Oct 2018

Thinking about submitting a proposal for the call on open and online education but have questions? Need information about this years’ theme concerning online guiding of students? Or searching for examples on how to share and reuse existing open learning materials with colleagues in domain-specific communities? Then keep on reading this post with background information and the announcement of an EduGrant event dedicated to the SURF call.

On behalf of Maastricht University, the UM Library attended different seminars on these topics organized by SURF. Below you will find short summaries of these seminars, which can serve as inspiration for writing your proposals. If you want more in-depth information about these topics, click on the concerning links.


  • The seminar on 21 September focused on the topic of online coaching of students (pillar 1).
    Online coaching can be a good way to maintain extensive contact between teachers and students and thus improve the quality of education. To investigate this, SURF brought together five higher education institutions that already have experience with online guidance of students. Based on their input, SURF published an exploratory brochure. Read more about this seminar.
  • The event around the topic of sharing and reusing existing open learning materials within domain-specific communities (pillar 2) was unfortunately cancelled, but we gathered some relevant good practices and added lessons regarding this pillar.
  • On 24 September SURF hosted an information session about the call. Adaptations compared to previous calls were presented and lessons learned shared, which can help you prepare better proposals. Things to keep in mind:

→for the pillar online education, be sure that what you offer is completely or substantially online     and that your project possibly contributes to new insights concerning online coaching of students
→for the pillar open learning material you need to cooperate with at least one other institute of HE     (and start a domain-specific community)
→you need to be sure that your innovation is new within the context of your institute
→what you aim for needs to have direct or indirect impact on the quality of the students of your    institute. This means that if you focus on staff development, for instance, you need to state why     this benefits your students
→be sure to involve 4 days for guidance (by SURF) and knowledge dissemination activities.

EduGrant Event on SURF call

Candidates for the SURF call are invited to pitch their project ideas in the earlier announced EduGrant Event on 8 November (13.30-15.00). Colleagues who pursued (and received) a grant in previous calls as well as funding advisors will be present to provide feedback on your idea and share their experiences.

You can register for the event by sending a mail to


Important if you want to submit a project proposal:

  • SURF offers two extra workshops to support institutions in their preparation of an application (combined for both pillars) on 16 October and 1 November (both in Dutch). If you intend to write a proposal, you are encouraged to attend.
  • 1 November: Deadline for showing intent to write a project proposal (contact your faculty advisor).
  • 8 November: EduGrant Event to pitch proposals and receive feedback. Strong ideas will be guided towards submission (making use of the prescribed formats for activity plan and budget).
    Registration via
  • 19 November: deadline for first reading of proposals (to be sent to your faculty advisor), in order to ensure enough time for reviewing, adapting and finishing the final proposal and acquiring signatures from faculty and Executive board.
  • Proposals can be submitted until 17 December, 12.00 via a dedicated link to the Ministry of Health, wellbeing and Sports (in Dutch).


Invitation to propose ideas for new theme

The pillar Online Education uses a specific year theme. This in order to strive towards a connection between all the projects and make the lessons learned more profound and sustainable. Previous themes were ‘peer feedback and assessment in online education’ (2017) and ‘online coaching of students’ (2018). We kindly invite you to propose ideas for next year’s call! This can be done until 28 November.

Have questions or need help? Please contact the Blended PBL Support team via Ask your librarian.


Have questions or need help?

Have questions or need help? Please contact the Blended PBL Support team via Ask your librarian.


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