Are you thinking of using more video in your education? Of making your own videos? Want to improve your appearance and posture, your authority on camera or your persuasion skills? Or are you just looking for practical tips and tricks? 

Starting May 2015, the University Library will be organising a number of free media training workshops for UM teaching staff who wish to create web lectures and/or use (more) own videos in their lectures. The workshops aim to help teachers present more comfortably and more convincingly in front of a camera.

The 3-hour sessions will focus on camera presence and include the following topics:

  • video use in education: a brief overview
  • leadership in speaking: language, voice and body language
  • practical camera dos & don’ts
  • making a short video/knowledge clip (max 1 minute) including feedback.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Media training for UM teachers, info and enrolment


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