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by | 27 Feb 2018

Student generated clips can enrich your PBL course. By creating a video group assignment, students can demonstrate and apply their knowledge. Moreover, it enhances their collaborative and creative skills as well as their planning and presentation skills.


Safe environment

UM students now have a safe environment for submitting, sharing and viewing their video assignments: the UM videoplatform Mediasite. You can request your faculty video support staff for an upload point for your own students. Once the upload point is created, students and or their tutor can watch these student videos in a special video catalogue.


Preference for Mediasite

The advantages of using a Mediasite video catalogue over open web-based platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, are:

  • all videos are in one location
  • you determine who can watch the videos
  • if videos are graded assignments, they can be stored in accordance with UM and government regulations
  • it facilitates setting a submission date.


Request a student video upload point now!

Go to UM video portal VideUM for Mediasite access and a step by step explanation, and for your faculty support staff contact details.


Good practices

Watch good practices of UM staff who asked their students to do video assignments: Kai Heidemann (UCM) and Gisèlle Bosse (FASoS):

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