Imaging-specific data storage and viewing platform

19 Feb 2021

DataHub has deployed a first version of its XNAT Substainable Research PACS to be used for storage of imaging-related research data across Maastricht University and MUMC+.

This platform allows researchers to:
• keep their imaging data in a single centralized location on a project basis
• view the images and meta data online and
• access/download the images for further analysis using either manual download or a machine-to-machine interface

As a first adopter, the Maastricht Study transferred over 100.000 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans for more than 5000 study subjects in the last year, comprising almost 8 terabytes of data in total. Data transfer for the Maastricht Study will continue to proceed in the coming year where new subjects and scans are acquired at Scannexus and directly transferred to XNAT at DataHub.

DataHub is now an active member of the global XNAT community and, together with other research management organizations in the world, has officially submitted a letter of support that will hopefully lead to additional financial means to work on a wide range of new XNAT features. DataHub will continue to work with partners and the XNAT community to extend their XNAT system with additional functionality that helps researchers in and outside of Maastricht to make better use of their imaging data.

More information
For more information about storing your imaging data at DataHub, please visit the DataHub portal or send an email.

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