As of mid-March, the Maastricht University (UM) WiFi network performance and accessibility has been improved for heavy-use areas like lecture halls, library locations and the Mensa cafes.

Due to the increasing number of mobile devices and more intensive data traffic use, there are increasingly heavy demands placed on the capacity of the WiFi network. It is expected that this growth will only continue. In locations where many people congregate, this can sometimes overload the WiFi network. As part of an effort to improve the accessibility of information for students, ICTS began installing extra wireless hotspots in November 2013. Of course this improvement will not only benefit students, but all users of the wireless network.

Use of a better system

Besides the expansion of the WiFi network, a new system was implemented that will better monitor the load on the network. The system helps prevent data bottlenecks and makes it possible to solve network problems more quickly and efficiently.


If you have questions about the improvements and expansion of the UM WiFi network, please direct them to the ICT Service Desk.


Source: Maastricht University news 10 March 2014

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