Institutional data management plan

Institutional Data Management Plan for UM and MUMC+

11 Dec 2020

As from now on, we offer an institutional DMP template that has been approved by two of the most common national grant providers: ZonMw and NWO. This means that instead of unique templates tailored to the funders, we now offer one generic template for Maastricht University and the academic hospital. 

Grant providers expect you to integrate data management in your research proposal more and more. A data management plan (DMP) will among other things, ensure that the data remains findable and becomes reusable after concluding your research project.

Meeting funder requirements
Most of the major grant providers are implementing a new approach to data management. The generic UM/MUMC+ template is constructed in accordance with two of the major grant providers guidelines, namely ZonMw’s Key Items and NWO’s core requirements . This ensures that the most important criteria are covered for setting up appropriate data management practices. 

Changing responsibilities 
Until now, researchers filled out the templates they received from the grant providers and sent them back for approval. Currently, grant providers are delegating the responsibility of drafting and approving DMPs back to the hosting institution. Researchers themselves will at all times be responsible for the contents of the plan. It is mandatory to mention the name and department of the research data specialist who conducted the revision of your DMP.

You can find the generic DMP template in our web-based tool DMPMaastricht. DMPMaastricht provides tailored guidance from funders and your organisation. DMPMaastricht enables you to share your DMP with others, for example your supervisor, data steward or colleagues. This allows collaborative writing and an easy review process.

Open Science and FAIR
Data management is a key element in making your data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) as part of our Open Science ambition. Its aim is to strengthen collaboration, both between individual researchers and between other parties and scientists. Open Science makes research more transparent, controllable, faster, more efficient, reproducible and more sustainable. The Data Management Plan template will help you in this process by referring to relevant information on the FAIR principles.

Need help?

Do you need help with writing your data management plan or do you have questions in general? Feel free to contact us. We can help you get started on setting up your initial DMP. You can schedule an appointment with one of our data stewards and they will help you on your way. 

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