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Joint IT infrastructure for management of medical imaging data

Published on 06 Apr 2021

Health-RI is a national initiative to build a research infrastructure for the exchange of health-related knowledge, tools, facilities, data, and samples. The goal is to allow sustainable and affordable personalised medicine and health. Health-RI consists of several communities that focus on specific aspects of data-driven health. The Imaging Community works on a joint IT infrastructure for the management of medical imaging data that allows access to the imaging infrastructures of the individual Dutch centers. The XNAT imaging archive plays a central role in this infrastructure because multiple XNAT systems can be connected together for exchanging data in a standardised manner. 

DataHub is an active member of the Health-RI community and will continue to support researchers to make the best use of our research data. At DataHub we have our own XNAT Sustainable Research PACS up and running since the 1st of February 2021. This system is used for the storage of imaging-related data across Maastricht University and the academic hospital MUMC+. It allows researchers to:

  • keep their imaging data in a single centralized location on a project basis
  • view the images and metadata online and
  • access/download the images for further analysis using either manual download or a machine-to-machine interface

As a first adopter, The Maastricht Study, a large population study related to diabetes in the south of the Netherlands, transferred over 100.000 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans for more than 6000 study subjects in the last year, comprising almost 8 terabytes of data in total. Data transfer for The Maastricht Study will continue to proceed in the coming year where new subjects and scans are acquired at our Scannexus imaging facility and directly transferred to XNAT at DataHub.

More information
For more information about storing your imaging data at DataHub, please visit the DataHub portal  or send an email.



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