Library Education Update #1: From Blackboard to Canvas!

Library Education Update #1: From Blackboard to Canvas!

20 Jan 2020

From August 2020, Maastricht University (UM) will transition from Blackboard to Canvas. This will be a major transition, but the project team will do everything to make this transition smooth and well prepared. Want to know all about it? Check out our Education Update!

Flexible and easy to use

Canvas LMS is one of the most adopted learning management systems in The Netherlands at this moment. It is a flexible and easy to use platform to facilitate UM courses. The system can and will be structured in a way that matches the UM educational system. Providing information, communicating in PBL groups, turning in assignments, etcetera: this will all happen within the Canvas course environment.


For more information, check out the project website or send an email to

Author: Barend Last, Blended Learning & Information Specialist



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