Following the overwhelming success of its 2016 edition, during this year’s ‘Spoken Word 2017’ event, that took place on 7 April, seven enthusiastic participants gave dazzling performances in front of a crowd of intrigued visitors of all ages. This event was inspired by the Maastricht University (UM) Special Collection. Place of action was the Maastricht Dominicanen Bookshop.

During this event, visitors had the chance to enjoy various Spoken Word performances. All enthusiastic performers presented their own interpretations of the overarching theme of the evening titled ‘the Future of the book’, and provided the audience with an amazingly diverse array of breath-taking performances. While some performers assumed a more serious means of interpreting the theme, others employed a rather humorous note in their performances allowing for a very entertaining evening.

Unique UM books in the showcase

Aside from the amazing performances that took place that evening, visitors had the chance to observe and admire the exemplars of the unique books from the UM  Special Collections which were exhibited next to the stage for the entire duration of the event. The evening turned out to be a great success and we are very proud to have incorporated this collection in such a spectacular event.

Hereby, we would like to thank all the artists, organisers, our wonderful host Daniyal Sohail and all the visitors who made this a spectacular evening to remember!

Best wishes,
The Special Collection Promo team | Richard Pales and Vanessa Raju Thomas


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