The University Library wants to be in close contact with Maastricht University students. Therefore we regularly meet in  Library User Groups. In the two sessions in November 2012 the following topics were discussed:

Computers and WIFI

  • WIFI: the wireless internet connection is a serious problem, that is being dealt with by the UM ICT Service Centre (ICTS) . In the Spring of 2013 we expect a whole new system to be installed. For the time being it’s important to switch your own device to a 5 gigahertz connection instead of 2.4. For more information we refer to ICTS.
  • Student Desktop Anywhere (SDA, where students have the option to access all the software, data and sources from the UM ) is not always well known. Students who used it in the past don’t always know how to make it work with the new Student Desktop. Please contact the Information Desk in the Library if you need support on this.
  • The Library will check if there are still problems with printing via laptop and/or SDA and also the compatibility issues with VPN on Mac. Please contact the Information Desk in the Library if you need support on this.
  • Some specific software disappeared from the computers after the summer. Please contact your block co-ordinator if you need specific software. If this doesn’t work, you can always contact library staff member Henriëtta Hazen for more help at


  • Reservation system tutorial rooms Randwyck: students can make reservations for group rooms in UNS40. Please go to My UM – applications – room booking.
  • New study places: 180 new study places will be built in Student Services Center (Bonnefantenstraat 2). Approx. 70 are foreseen in January, the rest in February/March.
  • Group rooms: in Randwyck some of the group rooms can be booked by students. The Library will have a look to see if other rooms (in the Inner City) or the “caravans” (Randwyck) can be booked in the future.
  • Water machines Inner City: a new machine will be ordered, so we have 2 machines again.
  • Handdryers Randwyck: request to have other dryers that make less noise.
  • Cafetaria Inner City: no microwave. We have had questions why we don’t provide a micro-wave: the building will be filled with food-smells, and we don’t want that.
  • The supplier of the cafeteria in the Inner City is looking for new ways to have a FFWD concept (a “to go shop”) at UNS50 too. Suggestions from students: make sure the assortment is different from the mensa at UNS40. See if you can have products priced in a student-friendly way. The Library will check an alternative supplier like Banditos (at FASoS).

Printers & copiers

  • Complaints about fetch job/follow me and slow printers are discussed: slower than last year and follow me doesn’t always work. The Library will discuss them further with Océ.
  • Printer names are unclear. Request to change the names, with at least the floor where they are located; or to show a map on the computer once you have sent your print job to the printer.
  • In Randwyck several “service rooms” will be created on every floor. You can go there to scan, print and copy, and make use of tools like punchers and staplers.
  • LINK has not enough computers for quick Print & Go. Library has added 4 extra TCs on the high tables that are dedicated Print & Go stations. Within short notice some TCs from the outer ring will be replaced on the inner places in LINK to create more room for own devices and to make better use of the inner places in LINK.
  • UNS40: have some Print & Go stations at UNS40. the Library will contact Océ for this.
  • The machines to upload your UM card are often out of order. In the future we hope to solve this problem by introducing different ways of paying (project “internetkassa”)
  • If you only print a one-sided document, you have to pay for 2 pages. The Library will dscuss this with Océ.

Mobile Services

  • the Library is looking for students who would like to help us with projects like online support, apps and mobile printing. If you are interested, please contact Henrietta Hazen at:


  • Students would like more e-books available, especially the must-reads. But they suggest the Library to make sure there are not only e-books, but also some hardcopies. The Library is currently running a project on (obtaining more and more user-friendly) e-books, but needs the help of block co-ordinators to do this.

students are unfamiliar with QR-codes. They don’t know what to do with it. You can scan the code (which looks like the image below ) with an app on your mobile and it will show you a webpage with more information.

Library User Groups 2013

Feel free to join one of the next Library User Group:

  • Inner City:  Thursday 11 April, 15.00 – 16.30
    Inner City Library, back office room 0.104
  • Randwyck:  Friday 12 April, 13.30 – 15.00
    Randwyck Library, back ofice room 1.461b

Please contact Henriëtta Hazen at:

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