On 22 April 2015, during the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Research Day, twenty researchers attended the 90 minutes parallel session on Managing and publishing research data.

University Library speakers Erik Jansen (Dutch Dataverse Network Functional Analist) and Coen van Laer (Copyright and Open Access Specialist) addressed two ongoing developments in research and focused on the context and implications in daily research practices:

  1. The increasing importance of ‘responsible’ data management 
  2. The impacts on visibility and traceability of research in the context of Open Access and social media/networks

Interested researchers

The presentations resulted in an inspiring discussion. The participants asked a lot of questions on different aspects of Open Access and sharing data. They were not truly convinced of all benefits of Open Access but showed sincere interest in the matter and seemed willing to promote their academic output by means of some Open Access venues. 

FASoS researchers appreciated to learn where to look for information on Open Access and data management, and how to make choices in these complex domains. More importantly, they were glad to be informed that the University Library builds up expertise and offers helpful answers to specific questions of researchers.


Photo: Joey Roberts

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