The new agreement on the transition to Open Access reached with Springer serves to collectively buy off the article processing charges (APCs) for individual articles by all corresponding authors at institutions like Maastricht University. 

The agreement with Springer applies to all articles accepted from 1 January 2015. A substantial part of the APCs for publishing have been bought off from the journals. As a result, individual researchers will no longer have to pay for Open Access publication.

Details on the journal titles for which Open Access publication is possible without extra charges, and the type of articles, may be found via the chapter Agreement with the Association of Dutch Universities on Springer’s website.

Are you the corresponding author?

You will be asked to indicate which institution you are associated with. Springer and the Maastricht University Library will check this information. The library will verify that the corresponding author is affiliated with the Maastricht University or the academic medical centre. This step will take place during the production process for the article and will not take up any extra time.



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