Just before the start of the new academic year we’ve finished the new signposting for the Randwyck Library. This system was already successfully introduced in the Inner City Library November of last year.

Digital floor plans
The website “Find your way” with the digital floor plans is quite easy to use:
• you can browse through the floor plans
• check an index
• select items by category

In all cases you will find a route number.

Signs in the building
The old signposting has been replaced by new signs that include route numbers.

Multi-touch screens
“Find your way” is already available on our homepage under the category “About the library” (and on several other relevant places). Pretty soon in both locations you will also be able to check the floor plans on a large multi-touch screen near the entrance.

Indoor navigation
Scan the QR-code if you want to take the floor plans with you on your mobile device!


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