New Tapijn Learning Spaces open

3 Mar 2020

Carin Klompen, manager of UM Library Locations, welcomed the first students in the brand new Tapijn Learning Spaces. From Monday 2 March brand new Tapijn Learning Spaces are open for use in the beautifully renovated Tapijn barracks. With the colourful furniture, the amount of light coming in, and beautiful surroundings Tapijn might very well become your favourite UM campus study environment.

The Plinth: ready for use

As a UM student or staff member you are welcome to study in one of the 159 Tapijn Learning Spaces. There are three group rooms, one quiet study room, one silent study room and a whole row of 1- and 2-person train seats at your disposal.


Still under construction

Although much has already been achieved, we are not completely done with furnishing the Conservatory. In this informal study environment you will soon find a nice setting of seats and bar stools. A printer is available and will be ready for use later this week.
You can have a bite to eat and drink there and meet your peers. There is a vending machine for coffee and one for candy. There will be more catering facilities, but until these facilities are available, you can visit Brasserie Tapijn or the Tapijn Loods V Learning Spaces on the Tapijn site.


Temporary entrance

There is a temporary entrance (“F0”), the main entrance of the Tapijn building and Tapijn Learning Spaces will be open next week. Follow the temporary signposting (see photo below).

Visiting address: Tapijn Kazerne 11
(provisional) Opening hours: Mon – Fri 08.00 – 18.00
House rule: Eating only in the Conservatory
Don’t forget to bring your UMcard for access

Want to know more about the Tapijn premises?

Read the info on the Maastricht University homepage.


What about Loods V and Bonnefanten?

The Tapijn Loods V Learning Spaces will still be available for students. The Bonnefanten Learning Spaces, however, has been closed on Friday 28 February.

Author: Susanne Snijders, Communications officer UM Library


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.



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