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23 Nov 2021

EPIC is the Educational Pioneers and Innovators Conference of 2022, providing higher education professionals from around the globe the opportunity to share knowledge on and experience with the digital transformation and innovation with technology in higher education.

Submit your proposal

You are invited to submit a proposal and share your projects, research, good practices, collaborations, or lessons learned within one of the various programme tracks. If you have an interesting case study or a compelling idea for a presentation, we encourage you to submit a proposal for EPIC before 28 January 2022.

The programme committee reviews every proposal carefully. You will hear no later than 14 March 2022 whether your proposal has been accepted.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals!


About EPIC

EPIC is a three-day conference, taking place on 30 and 31 May, and 1 June 2022 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. EPIC is organised by the Dutch Acceleration Plan, a four-year government-funded programme to stimulate educational innovation with technology in higher education institutions in the Netherlands.

Whilst organising EPIC we are, of course, keeping a close eye on the developments around COVID-19, both in the Netherlands and Europe. As things move and change quickly, we will make any adjustments we see fit or required to organise a safe and fruitful EPIC.

Visit the EPIC website for more information on EPIC, the programme tracks, to read the Call for Proposals and to stay up to date.

Author: the organising committee of EPIC (including a UM representative)


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