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  • Mathilde Docclot in UM's Special Collections

    On Charles Eyck’s trail: A student’s journey from France to Maastricht

    The surprising discovery of remarkable artwork in a small-town church in northern France led a young French student all the way to Maastricht University’s (UM’s) Special Collections.

  • Promotional image for workshop Open Science in Education

    Workshop Open Science in Education

    Unlock the potential of Open Educational Resources in your teaching. Get ready for a transformative experience during Open Education Week 2024! On Thursday 7 March, the Maastricht University Library is hosting an exclusive workshop, delving into the global celebration of the Open Education Movement. The goal is to raise awareness about the movement’s profound impact on teaching and learning worldwide, emphasising the free and open educational opportunities available to everyone, everywhere, right now.

  • Save the date: National Open Science Festival 2024 at Maastricht University

    We are excited to announce that the fourth edition of the National Open Science Festival will be hosted at Maastricht University on Tuesday 22 October 2024! Please mark your calendars.

  • Podcast Studio met apparatuur

    New equipment DIY Podcast Studio and lendable DIY Podcast Kit

    Our DIY Podcast Studio is improved with a new professional recorder and it is now also possible to borrow a DIY Podcast kit.

  • woman in a hospital showing a book

    Talking about books IX

    For a new video in the series Talking about books, we were invited to Maastricht University Hospital MUMC/azM. This time, a book about nursing research is presented.

  • Make your teaching more interactive with Wooclap

    Did you know that interaction between teachers and students can enhance students’ attention and involvement? Furthermore, long-term retention of information improves when you actively engage your audience.

  • Beyond his art: The personal side of Bernard Reith

    As an exceptional exhibition of Bernard Reith’s work is showcased at Maastricht University, his family offers insights into the artist’s personal life and lasting legacy.

  • Important Update: Single Sign-On (SSO) Implementation for Qualtrics

    As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing security and user experience, we want to inform you about a crucial update to the Qualtrics login process. Starting 22 January 2024, Qualtrics will transition to a Single Sign-On (SSO) system. This implementation requires all users to log in exclusively through SSO, contributing to a more secure and streamlined access experience.

  • people and a robot

    Welcoming a service robot to the Inner City Library

    The University Library has partnered up with the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE), the Maastricht Center for Robots (MCR) and Robot Control from Innovation Playground for a project involving a service robot. This project aims to support scientific research and represent the ‘living lab’ at the library, a place to experiment and collaborate with different departments within the Maastricht University (UM) community.

  • NTvG stopt met instellingsabonnement

    Met ingang van 1 januari 2024 heeft het bestuur van het Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde (NTvG) besloten om geen instellingsabonnementen meer aan te bieden. Als gevolg hiervan heeft de Universiteit Maastricht (UM) en het Maastricht Universitair Medisch Centrum+ (MUMC+) per 1 januari 2024 geen toegang meer tot dit abonnement.