During the Circular Research Data Summer Camp, taking place from 25 to 29 July 2022, you will learn the steps you need to take in your research to close the circle and achieve data sustainability following the FAIR principles of research data management.

Learning objectives:

– Get to know the importance of a “Research Digital Object” (i.e. DOI).
– Be able to explore the available Open-Source tools for interoperability to make Research Digital Objects sustainable.
– You will learn what “Data Terms of Use” are and how to create them.
– You will learn “Data Access Protocols” and how to create them.
– You will review the differences and similarities of “Data Descriptions” in different fields of science (e.g., Codebooks, Annotation guidelines, Taxonomies, etc.) to discuss what can we do (as a scientific community) to standardize these practices.
– You will learn what “Rich Metadata” technically means in the Semantic Web and its relation to sustainable research output for future generations of researchers.

Target Group: Project leaders, Principal investigators, Research Fellows, PhD candidates, Academic staff, Support staff and Research Masters

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