The eScience fellowship is awarded for creative projects promoting or improving the use of research software within the institution. The fellows receive financial support for their project and in-kind support from eScience Center Research Software Engineers and trainers. Find more information about the Fellowship Programme and the Fellows 2022 – 2023 on the eScience Center webpage.

For his project “Standardising FAIR assessment through a web browser extension”, an open-source, user-friendly web browser extension will be developed. “The FAIR extension” tool can automatically assess FAIR metrics from any scholarly aggregator or repository. This tool is expected to democratize the assessment of digital objects’ quality and FAIRness, especially in research software or community-specific datasets. The University Library will work together with the new Department of Advanced Computing Sciences to develop it. Moreover, community events will be organized during the fellowship year to bring research software enthusiasts from all corners of Maastricht University.

Pedro is the Faculty Data Steward at FSE, aiding policy development regarding computing infrastructure and data management. Pedro is part of the RDM support team at the University Library, where he works as a liaison for Research Software and Interoperability technologies. He has a background in Data Science and has been Data Architect on various UM projects.