Podcasts are not a new medium but listening to podcasts is becoming more and more popular, for instance in Education. It is an easy, always accessible way to learn. You can do other tasks while listening to a podcast and a screen is not needed. Creating your own podcasts is also becoming more and more popular. It is easy to create a podcast, it is easy to reach your community and connect with peers.

Podcast equipment has been part of the library services for some time and due to the high demand, a room in the Inner City Library has been dedicated to recording podcasts. This space is now converted into a professional DIY Podcast Studio. The room facilitates recording and editing podcasts for the entire UM community. You can find the room (1.205, route 152) on the first floor next to the DIY Video Studio.

For more information on booking the room, its facilities, manuals, tips & tricks, check the library’s website.

Within the UM community, several podcasts-series have already been produced:
DS Dataminds

Do you have any tips about great podcasts? Do you have questions about the DIY Podcast Studio or other library services? Feel free to contact us via Ask your Librarian!