The FAIR browser extension brings FAIR evaluation metrics right to scholarly websites. This tool enhances researchers’ engagement with the FAIR landscape, promoting a more intuitive understanding of FAIR metrics.

When active, the extension detects and highlights DOIs on webpages, allowing users to evaluate specific DOIs by clicking “Evaluate” next to the DOI. Evaluation results are readily viewable by clicking on the extension’s icon, located in the browser’s top-right corner. An exemplary use case can be seen with the DataverseNL dataset:

The extension works on virtually any scholarly object (e.g., dataset, software, ORCID) and on numerous platforms, including scholarly aggregators like PURE, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and repositories like Zenodo, Dataverse, etc. It is open-source and it operates on the FAIR enough API, adhering to the FAIR metrics group specification. You can explore the repository here.

Researchers are invited to try the extension and provide feedback, contributing to the tool’s continuous improvement. For questions or further assistance, please contact

You can install the FAIR browser extension via the chrome store.