Overcoming bias in citation practice

Research has shown that women and other marginalized groups are systematically under-cited. The FEM/UM citation guide highlights different ways of how citation practices can be used to make the contributions of women and other underrepresented groups more visible in the production of knowledge. It aims at opening up the discussion around citation practices within academia and research at the university level.

Acknowledging the ideas and contributions of women and other groups is important. But it is not a substitute for the work needed to improve the position of such groups in universities. We still need to pay attention to the structural features of education, work and childcare that have long hindered women’s academic career prospects.

The guide was created by: Aurélie Carlier (member of FEM Board, and FHML); Sally Wyatt (FASoS); Sharon Anyango (FASoS); Nicole Basaraba (Coventry University); Lidwien Hollanders (Library) and Hang Nguyen (FHML).

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