Peer feedback in inter-professional workplace learning

In a joint project, Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences focused on strengthening inter-professional workplace learning in healthcare. For this purpose, Anneke van Dijk and the project team enriched existing face-to-face meetings with an online peer feedback tool. This way they facilitated students from all levels (university and vocational training) to reflect on their own and others’ performance and thus learn with and from each other. Read more / reuse the materials (in Dutch).

Online Laboratory calculus with automatic/instant Feedback (OLaF)

Because students need to be able to make calculations quickly and flawlessly in the laboratory, Herman Popeijus and Leo Köhler developed a tool with which students can independently train themselves in lab calculation skills. OLaF contains an adaptive e-learning application in which cases with gaming elements are offered to students to challenge them in a variety of skills and levels. Read more (in Dutch) / reuse the materials.

Reuse over 4000 anatomical educational resources

As a result of the AnatomyTOOL project, a large collection of anatomical images and other material has been collected, created and shared. FHML focused on the creation of material on embryos and the University Library invested time to build and make the collection shareable. You can find them on the EduSources platform. Read more / reuse the materials (in Dutch).

Blended learning environment for medical Dutch

Students of the English-language Bachelor of Medicine program at Maastricht University must be able to function in a Dutch-language hospital. To do so, they must have medical professional communication skills in Dutch. Together with the Language Centre, Maryam Asoodar (project lead) created a blended learning-environment to support the acquisition and practice of Medical Dutch. Read more / reuse the materials (in Dutch).

Open educational resources

All the above described projects created educational materials and uploaded them to an open platform so you can use them in your courses as well. Are you looking for more resources in this or other domains? Browse the repositories the library selected for you. Do you want to share your material with others? Contact us!

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