Johanna On Expedition

Published on 23 Nov 2020

Johanna vlogged her entire journey during the MaRBLE On Expedition: ‘Travels into the unknown’ course block last year.

An entire article on the ‘EuropeNow’ journal website is now dedicated to a shortened version of her thesis.

On Expedition: ‘Travels into the unknown’

During the third years course block On Expedition: ‘Travels into the unknown’, MaRBLE students use travel books from the university library’s Special Collections to write their bachelor thesis and a Wikipedia entry.

Johanna is a bachelor European Studies alumna. In her vlogs she takes you along her expedition and shares her experiences during this block. She used the book ‘Memoirs of Lady Hester Stanhope‘ published in 1846 from the UM Special Collections to write her thesis.


As my faculty is presented in this month’s campus spotlight, me and two of my peers got the chance to publish a shortened version of our BA theses. I am really honoured to be included in this, and to see all my hard work paid off.” says Johanna.







  • Author: Souhaïlla Koudan


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.


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