What is DataverseNL?

DataverseNL is a trusted repository for researchers from affiliated Dutch institutions to safely store, share and publish research data. By registering and sharing data via a trusted repository such as DataverseNL, researchers get recognition for their data. DataverseNL is increasingly used by UM researchers to register and deposit research data and the UM dataverse now counts more than 400 published datasets.

Who can use DataverseNL?

DataversNL is available to all researchers of the participating Dutch Universities and Associated Institutes.

Why use DataverseNL?

Data archiving is an important aspect of Research Data Management and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data is one of the pillars of the Open Science movement towards transparent and reusable research. DataverseNL facilitates researchers in sharing their data with the community in a FAIR way. By registering and (where possible) depositing your dataset in DataverseNL, you can easily meet a basic level of the FAIR principles. DataverseNL automatically generates a persistent identifier (a DOI), making your dataset citable and findable. In addition, you can link your dataset to the related publications, which further increases the findability of your dataset. Datasets registered in DataverseNL are Accessible and Reusable in the sense that DataverseNL allows you to manage access and reuse of your own data through the creation of custom Terms of Use and restrictions. By making data FAIR, you will increase the impact and visibility of your research, meet requirements of funders and publishers and give something back to the scientific community.

When use DataverseNL?

DataversNL can be used during the research to share data with colleagues. But DataverseNL is especially recommended as a repository to preserve research data for the long term, after completion of the project.

How to use DataverseNL?

Have a look at the DataverseNL manual on the RDM portal, or contact your faculty data steward or the RDM team via rdm-services@maastrichtuniversity.nl. They will be happy to help.

Where to find additional information?

Find more information on DataverseNL and browse the different dataverses. Who knows, you may find datasets that you can reuse for your own research.