Women in Data Science

WiDS (Women in Data Science) was initiated by Stanford University aiming to inspire and educate both students & professionals. All genders are invited to attend WiDS events, which feature inspiring women speak about their expertise and experiences within the field.

What is a Datathon?

In the Datathon, participants will be given a dataset and a limited amount of time and then challenged to use their creativity and data science skills to build, test, and explore solutions and win global and local prizes!! Participants will be encouraged to try something new, apply their knowledge to the real dataset, and learn from each other. We offer training sessions to help beginners to start working on the data challenge.

Data Challenge

The data challenge of this year is to use data science to improve longer-range weather forecasts to help people prepare and adapt to extreme weather events caused by climate change. The participants will be provided with meteorological data to improve sub-seasonal forecasts by blending physics-based forecasts with machine learning. Sub-seasonal forecasts for weather and climate conditions (lead-times ranging from 15 to more than 45 days) would help communities and industries adapt to the challenges brought on by climate change.

More information about the event

The WiDS Maastricht Datathon will take place on-site in Maastricht on Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th of February. More details about the Datathon event can be found on our event page. Please note that participants need to register by Tuesday 31 January.