On 1 January 2018, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) will terminate its Incentive Fund for Open Access Publications and Conferences. Take your chance: until 1 January 2018, researchers will still have the opportunity to submit requests for these funds. Prior financial commitments made to the fund remain valid.

NWO introduced its Incentive Fund Open Access in 2010 to finance Open Access (OA) publications and activities that bring attention to OA during academic conferences and to encourage the OA publications of NWO results. The Incentive Fund OA includes two instruments: one instrument provides for a maximum sum of €2,500 for conference sessions and one instrument covers publications costs with a maximum budget of €6,000 per research project.

Increase of opportunities

Main reason for the decision to terminate the Incentive Fund on 1 January 2018 is the increase of opportunities for authors to make their publications publically available through OA without having to pay publication fees. Today, NWO believes that the academic world is sufficiently aware of OA publishing and its importance.

Happy to assist

If you need any support regarding the NWO Incentive Fund, please contact UM Open Access consultant Ron Aardening.

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