Invitation to a workshop for exposure of your papers

You are finalising your paper at the moment. You know about Open Access and its benefits. You might be confronted with several choices to make. The main ones are: what journal to publish in, how to fill in the publisher’s form, and how to comply with the funder’s requirements?    

Join one of our interactive workshops to get practical answers from library specialists Monique Dikboom, Fons van den Eeckhout, Henk van den Hoogen and Coen van Laer.

The workshop focuses on useful tools and tips & tricks to realise Open Access for your paper. After the plenary part you are welcome at three different helpdesks.

We welcome your items or issues. 

Please add your items or issues to the registration email  (see below) or list these at your entry on 25 or 26 October.

When and where

  • Randwyck
    Tuesday 25 October 2016; 11.00 – 13.00
    Debyeplein 1 (DEB1-B0.126)
  • Inner City workshop (26 October 2016) has been cancelled

Please note

  • admission is free
  • lunch will be served
  • registration is required. Please do so before 13 October 2016 by sending an email to
  • input on issues you want to discuss may be added to the registration email.

These workshops might also be of interest to your colleagues, please share it with your fellow UM researchers and academics.



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