Maastricht University Library is a member of UKB, the Dutch consortium of the thirteen university libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands. We are  happy to announce that UKB endorses  the goals of the Hague Declaration.

The Hague Declaration has two main purposes:

  1. to acknowledge, in an era of Open Science, that facts and data cannot be subject to copyright and IOR restrictions. You cannot copyright the truth. People who sign the Declaration will be underlining this important recognition about the role of facts and data in the knowledge economy, sending a powerful message to those who would try and tie up data and facts behind copyright walls
  2. to further the cause for copyright reform in Europe by extending the Exceptions we in Europe enjoy in European copyright frameworks. Specifically, we are seeking a mandatory Exception in the forthcoming copyright reform in Europe to allow text and data mining/content mining by those who have legal access to content. This mandatory Exception should not be overturned by contracts. People who sign up to the Declaration will be showing the Commission that they support these moves. The Commission is minded to introduce an Exception for text and data mining and is more likely to do so the more people who sign up to the Declaration. The Commission is producing proposals in September, so as many signatures as possible as we can get NOW will be really helpful in this campaign.

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