Whether you have just started your research, or are finalising your paper at this moment, publication of your scientific work will cross your mind. Are you still indecisive in which journal to publish? Choose Open Access!
When considering Open Access, some questions may come to mind, like: ‘what are the benefits of Open Access’, ‘what journal to publish in’, ’how to fill in the publisher’s form’, and ‘how to comply with the funder’s requirements’?   

Thanks to the joint effort of the Dutch universities Open Access publishing has become more simple: your publications freely accessible with tremendous reach. You can publish Open Access without any additional cost in many journals from major publishers.

During the past two years, universities have made agreements with publishers including Springer, Taylor & Francis and Elsevier about funding Open Access publishing. So far, more than 7,000 titles – including over 4,000 with an impact factor and 1,100 ‘Q1 journals’ – are covered by these big deals. In addition, there are numerous other journals and repositories in which Open Access publishing is possible at no additional cost. Consequently, Open Access publishing with ease in your favourite journal has become possible in many cases!

Don’t get lost in Open Access anymore; don’t panic!

Open up to Open Access. UM Library can help you:

  • Take a look at the renewed webpage on Open Access in the Online Library, with services and tools that will help you to increase the (societal) impact of your paper
  • Register to one of our workshops, especially designed for UM researchers who want to reach out
  • Or contact UM Library’s information specialists directly. We are there to help you with all kinds of practical matters and tips & tricks

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