UM is ‘spring-cleaning’ for the new academic year

 During the summer months unused and broken bikes found in the bike parking facilities at the Inner City Library (Grote Looiersstraat 17) and the Randwyck Library (Universiteitssingel 50) will be labelled and eventually removed.

Please note the time schedule below, to prevent removal of your (if broken, not so) trusty companion:

  • From 23 June all unused and broken bikes found  in the bike parking at the Inner City Library and at the Randwyck Library will be labelled
  • The labelled bikes which are not reclaimed by their owners will be collected at 7 and 8  July
  • At the Inner City Library the not reclaimed bikes will be placed in the bike parking near the Nieuwenhofstraat. At the Randwyck Library these bikes will be placed at the North side of the Universiteitssingel 50 building
  • It will be possible for owners to reclaim their bikes until 4 August
  • Not reclaimed bikes will then be removed 
  • For the record: It is not possible to buy unclaimed bikes.

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