The University Library has access to Oxford Competition Law (OCL), an online national competition law case-reporting service, providing results of competitive analysis, including key commentaries published by Oxford University Press on European competition law, with links to case law and doctrine, such as the commentaries of

  • Bellamy & Child: European Union Law of Competition
  • Faull & Nikpay: The EU Law of Competition
  • Whish & Bailey: Competition Law
  • Ioannis Kokkoris & Howard Shelanski: EU Merger Control: A Legal and Economic Analysis
  • Kelyn Bacon: European Union Law of State Aid, 2e
  • Laura Elizabeth John: Bellamy & Child: European Union Law of Competition Supplement to the Seventh Edition

Enriched commentaries

The commentaries are enriched with related peer-reviewed case reports for competition cases at National level in European member states, in addition to key cases at EU level and analysis from member states of the European Union. It also offers translations into English of the key portions of foreign language judgments. New editions of these commentaries will be added as they are published and new case reports are added on a regular basis to OCL.

Furthermore, OCL includes the majority of relevant EU source material cited in the commentaries and case reports, or contains clear linking to the original source. The materials are annotated with references back to the relevant portion of commentary in Bellamy & Child and Faull & Nikpay.

OCL contains a number of different types of content: European National Court and NCA decisions, books, EU directives and regulations, European Commission recommendations, guidelines and notices, multilateral treaties.

The Oxford Competition Law is offered by the University Library in the list of Databases on the homepage. Direct link: Oxford Competition Law.

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