PeerPoint online support for students

Published on 23 Mar 2021

For a number of years now, the UM Library offers peer support for bachelor and master students who need help in their research and writing process. Whether they need help with finding reliable resources, optimising search strategies, referencing or structuring papers, a dedicated and trained team of library students provides help to their peers.

Online offer

Since education moved online almost a year ago, PeerPoint no longer provides in-house sessions, but moved online as well. Students can visit Zoom-sessions, so even if they are not in Maastricht they can get help. They can make an appointment or ‘walk-in’ online. Also ‘old-fashioned’ ways of contact are available, so students can contact PeerPoint via email or social media (Facebook and Instagram). The Facebook page has become a huge source with all kinds of tips on studying, searching and writing. Only recently PeerPoint started publishing tips on the Maastricht University Library Instagram account.

So, when performing research and writing papers or theses is part of your course, create awareness amongst your students on our PeerPoint Service!

Author: Henrietta Hazen, coordinator Skills & Academic Support Team


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.



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