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Dedicated information specialists are pleased to help you achieving correct formulation of queries, search terms and giving suggestions on this basis for relevant information which can be searched.

We can also give you tips to efficiently and effectively search these resources, and attention will be given to selected references skills to efficiently store the bibliographic records.

Actually, perform a systematic literature review does not belong to the service: the focus is on supporting structure and output of the literature.

In case the Online guide suggestions fall short, use the web form below to make an appointment with one of our information specialists for a one-hour session of how to get started or for more extensive, tailormade support (with additional costs per hour). You can also contact your information specialist by phone for additional information:


  • FASoS: Lidwien Hollanders (83685)
  • FHML: Gregor Franssen (85046)
  • FSE: Rachel Elands (83561)
  • FL: Angélique Bessems (85102)
  • FPN: Stefan Jongen (85026)
  • SBE: Leonne Portz (85072)

Need any help in your preparation of search strategies for structured, systematic literature review or searches in databases?

Download our guide:

Testimonials from researchers who have used this service

After many fights with PubMed and other search engines, we got great help to solve our issues and to make our search more comprehensive.

Unfortunately, not all PubMed-fights could be resolved but I’m still more confident about the search that we ended up with!

Kelly Stewart

PhD student Complex Genetics

Ilona and I received some good personal help when developing our search strategy for a systematic review.

It is recommendable to consult the library when starting a systematic review.

Sacha Verjans & Ilona Van De Kolk

PhD students Health Promotion

The librarian gave me some very practical tips, for example using EndNote and posed some critical questions that made my approach much more robust and easier to reproduce.

At the end of my scoping study, I presented it again to the librarian. I found his tips and assessment of my work, in a relatively short time, very valuable.

Annelies Van Der Ham

PhD student Health Services Research

The library staff was very helpful and showed me the ins and outs of a good literature search in the relevant databases of my research field. It is great to get tips from an expert, who is enthusiastic to help you out.

Dorit Teuscher

PhD student

The subject of my thesis has only been tentatively explored in the scholarly literature. As such, I’ve had some trouble finding useful academic sources.

The librarian came to the rescue by suggesting some useful ways of tracing relevant publications (snowballing) but also helped me brush up on my search strategy and offered tips on making it more efficient.

Gili Yaron

PhD student


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