Upon completion of (all) the online module(s) of each theme, the PhD candidate should register for a multidisciplinary session connected to the theme. There are on site and online multidisciplinary sessions. For more information and instructions, read the practical information below.

Graduate schools or faculties may offer additional courses. Participation in the UM general PhD trainings does not exempt PhD students from participating in any other mandatory courses.

Practical information about the UM general PhD trainings

A training programme has been set up at the initiative of the Research Platform (a meeting of the Vice Deans of research, chaired by the rector) and in collaboration with the graduate schools. In principle, it is mandatory for all internal and external PhD candidates that started after November 1st 2021. However, your graduate school can decide that you have to participate from an earlier or later date. Read the regulations of your graduate school to check from which date you are required to participate

The UM general PhD trainings focus on three themes that are of interest to all PhDs of Maastricht University. Each theme is addressed in online module(s) and an interactive multidisciplinary session. In these sessions, PhD candidates of different disciplines can exchange views and broaden their perspective on the themes. Because of the basic nature of the training courses, we advise the PhD candidates to schedule them in the first year of their PhD. PhD candidates who are at a more advanced stage of their PhD track are also welcome to follow the training courses.
The online modules are open to anyone, but the multidisciplinary sessions are reserved for PhD students of Maastricht University.

Please only subscribe to the multidisciplinary sessions, when all online modules associated with one theme have been completed. There are on site and online multidisciplinary sessions. External PhD candidates who do not have the opportunity to attend on site sessions, can attend the online sessions.

PhD candidates receive a certificate after participating in the multidisciplinary session.


In case of any questions, you can e-mail generalphdtrainings@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Research Ethics and Integrity

Interactive, multidisciplinary session

Open Science

Science Communication

Other suggested courses for PhD candidates