For support in using the databases, check the manuals for the specific databases.

Other kinds of support are offered via data search support, and EndNote support. Or ask a question via Ask Your Librarian. Students can contact Peer Point for help.

Overview of available workshops and courses

Logo of reference management tool EndNote

EndNote introductory online tutorial

EndNote is a tool which allows you to organise and easily insert references into your research documents. This page introduces the tutorial to help you Read More
Measuring research impact

Evaluating & Increasing Research Impact

As research evaluation practices are currently in a transition phase, this course discusses the drivers behind this change and teaches researchers strategies that might increase Read More
Inconvenient Heritage masterclass (Dutch)

Inconvenient Heritage masterclass (Dutch)

These past years we have become more and more aware of the traces of our colonial past in our Heritage collections. At the same time, Read More
Wordcloud data management

Introduction to Data Management Plans

During this training, we will explain more about what research data management involves, good data management practices, advantages of good research data management, what it Read More
Student working on laptop with Python book next to them.

Introduction to Reproducibility with Python

Learn how to use coding language Python to ensure reproducibility of your research data. Read More
Introduction to Research Software Management

Introduction to Research Software Management

This workshop introduces you to the basics of Research Software Management, including best practices and practical examples. Read More
Open Access Publishing Hour: session with an OA publishing coach

Open Access Publishing Hour: session with an OA publishing coach

Are you a UM researcher or student seeking guidance on Open Access (OA) and refining your publishing strategy? Join us for this online interactive session Read More
Open Access Publishing: a journey around the publishing cycle

Open Access Publishing: a journey around the publishing cycle

Are you ready to elevate your publishing game to new heights? Join us as we guide you through every step of the publishing cycle. This Read More
Students writing on whiteboards in the Makerspace

Open Science – UM General PhD Trainings

In this interactive session, we will discuss the concepts of open science and open access, and you will learn more about research data management. Differences Read More