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Orbis Intellectual Property

Orbis Intellectual Property combines company and patent information for intellectual property research and strategy such as publication information, ownership, industry and patent classifications, oppositions, and patent value. Data on M&A deals and corporate structures is included in Orbis IP as well.

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ORIL – Oxford Reports on International Law

Oxford Reports on International Law brings together decisions on public international law from international law courts, domestic courts, and ad hoc tribunals.

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OSAIL – Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law

Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law provides online editions of leading classic reference works and treatises on a wide variety of topics on public international law, published by Oxford University Press.

Open database | More info geeft toegang tot onder meer de Nederlandse Officiële publicaties en alle Nederlandse wet- en regelgeving vanaf 1995.

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Oxford Reference Online (Premium Collection)

The Premium collection brings together more than 600 language and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press. These books can be searched simultaneously or by individual book title.

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Oxford Scholarship Online (Law Collection)

Oxford Scholarship Online provides access to the books published by Oxford University Press. The Library currently subscribes to the subject collection: Law.

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OXIO – Oxford International Organizations

OXIO is a database specialised in international institutional law. It offers access to primary materials and analysis on the law of international organisations.

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Patent databases

A lot of patent data is freely available on the internet. A selection of commonly used patent databases is listed in this section.

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Public Intelligence

Public Intelligence is een platform van Legal Intelligence speciaal voor de publieke sector. Het biedt de mogelijkheid om snel en eenvoudig relevante, praktische en juridische informatie uit openbare en uitgeversbronnen te vinden. Public Intelligence integreert bovendien de officiële publicaties van de rijksoverheid en lagere overheden.

Open database | More info is de officiële site van de rechterlijke organisatie in Nederland.

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