The University Library hosted the Support4Research Masterclass, organised by SURF on 24 and 25 September.   


The background for this Masterclass can be described as: ICT-driven research is booming and places high demands on the available infrastructure and support. The information manager and research supporter will soon have a key role in doing ground breaking research. High time to get to know each other better and to continue working together on a smart research support strategy.


The main goal of this two days masterclass was knowledge exchange of all facets of research support. There were about 40 attendants, all personally invited by SURF; it was a mixture of research supporting staff members from University Libraries, UMCs, Universities and Research Institutes.

UM speakers

From Maastricht University there were three speakers:

  • Jacques Beursgens did the openings speech and paid attention to the Science 2.0 development and the consequences for IT support (requiring extra professionalisation and expertise building). Beursgens is deputy director and information manager at FPN
  • Pascal Suppers elaborated on the Research IT project from MUMC+. Suppers is projectmanager Research IT and information manager at FHML
  • Henk van den Hoogen talked about the added value of the -national- Special Interest Group for Research Support. Van den Hoogen is Programme Manager Research Support / Strategic Coordinator CRIS/Repository at Maastricht University Library

More information

There is a blog published in Dutch with an impression of the Masterclass.


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