Roadmap for submitting proposals for Open and Online Education

Roadmap for submitting proposals for Open and Online Education

by | 20 Sep 2018

UM teachers with a good project idea for Open and Online Education: Don’t miss out on the chance to receive a substantial grant by submitting your proposal before the end of 2018. Need help to pass all steps to be taken? Here is some information on UM’s EduGrant Community and the UM roadmap.


Incentive scheme

In July the incentive scheme on Open and Online Education 2019 has been launched. You can submit your project proposal until 17 December 2018, either in the pillar Online education (with an explicit theme around online guiding of students) or the pillar Open learning materials.


EduGrant Community

Together with EDLAB, Academic Affairs and faculty funding advisors, the University Library, is currently building the EduGrant Community within Maastricht University (UM). This community provides you the opportunity to receive feedback and share experiences with colleagues in order to help you to work towards stronger, innovative and sustainable projects, and join forces where applicable. In the context of the SURF/OCW incentive scheme, the University Library (linking pin to SURF) and faculty funding advisors will provide you guidance for proposal preparation and monitor procedural aspects (e.g. acquiring letter of intents from the executive board).


Target group and amount of eligible financing

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science gives funding to Dutch institutions of higher education who offer accredited educational programmes. In each project proposal, the institution may apply for a maximum of respectively EUR 100,000 (track 1) and EUR 175,000 (track 2). Faculties receiving a grant, need to invest an equal amount for the project.


UM roadmap and important dates

  • On 24 September SURF will organise an information session (in Dutch) for those intending to write a proposal, which you can also attend via a live-stream on the Internet. The University Library will attend and share their findings.
  • SURF offers two extra workshops to support institutions in their preparation of an application (combined for both pillars) on 16 October and 1 November (both in Dutch). If you intend to write a proposal, you are encouraged to attend.
  • 1 November: Deadline for showing intent to write a project proposal (contact your faculty advisor).
  • 8 November: EduGrant Event to pitch proposals and receive feedback. Strong ideas will be guided towards submission (making use of the prescribed formats for activity plan and budget).
  • 19 November: deadline for first reading of proposals (to be sent to your faculty advisor), in order to ensure enough time for reviewing, adapting and finishing the final proposal and acquiring signatures from faculty and Executive board.
  • Proposals can be submitted until 17 December, 12.00 via a dedicated link to the Ministry.
  • On 1 May 2019, the Minister of OCW will decide on granting the projects.


Have questions or need help?

Please contact the Blended PBL Support team via Ask your librarian.


Further reading

Call for proposals on Open and online education 2019 (Gaby Lutgens, Library Wall post 17 July 2018)

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