Roadmap for TestVision: where are we now?

26 Feb 2020

The TestVision software is constantly being developed and improved based on feedback from its users. Two of these features have been built by request of Maastricht University (UM): a new workflow for the exam review (inspections), and the option to use formulas. TestVision has informed us about two other useful features that will be released soon.

The road so far

There have been bug fixes and minor updates of functionality. The following significant changes have already been released:

  • Exam review
    For the Maastricht exam inspections, TestVision has added the option to have a first and a second review, each with its own adjustable settings, to accommodate the current UM practice of giving feedback on exams. This functionality is available since September 2019.
  • Formulas
    In November, TestVision added a formula editor to its text editor. This makes it easier to incorporate formulas into questions and question alternatives. It also gives you the option to let students type a formula, although it is advised to let them practice before using the editor in the exam.
  • Download answers for grading
    In December, TestVision added a download button to the grading module. If you prefer to do the grading outside of TestVision, you can download an Excel overview of the students’ answers. The sheet includes a score column where you can enter the students’ points. After you have finished grading the answers, you can upload the Excel file with the scores back into TestVision to do your item and test analysis.


Looking forward

The following changed are scheduled for release in the Spring of 2020:

  • Parametric formulas
    A second step in implementing formulas is to incorporate parametric formulas and questions. This feature is especially important – or even a prerequisite – for courses that rely heavily on calculations. TestVision will be using AlgebraKit to build this feature, which should be ready for testing by July 2020.
  • Grading
    The release of April will offer new options for grading. At the moment TestVision uses their own built-in method to calculate the grades, which does not always match the grading practices at our faculties. As of April this calculation method will be adjustable, allowing users to enter their own formula to calculate the grades.
  • Update of layout and help files
    In the first half of 2020 TestVision will make changes to the layout to create a more user-friendly look and feel. Also, the search function in the help files will allow searching by keyword. At the moment the help files contain information only about the functions of the current page.


Apart from these functional improvements, TestVision is collaborating with testing experts of Maastricht University to incorporate two new testing concepts: Personalised Testing and Adaptive Testing. These two concepts are well worth a more in-depth look. To be continued in a next edition!

Author: Tineke de Beaumont, Functional Support Digital Testing


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.



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