Depositing your scientific publication into the Maastricht University Repository can lead to more exposure –and citations– if the publication has been indicated as compliant to open access. In that case, the publications will be harvested via (inter-)national search engines and therefore made available to a larger extent.

Our institutional repository is, among others, being harvested by Narcis, the national portal for scientific publications in Open Access. Narcis again, is harvested by Google (Scholar) and so the dissemination of publications will be widespread.

Google Page Rank for NARCIS is recently increased to the value 9. This Page Rank is a sort algorithm that Google uses to assign a weight to a website. The higher the value, the better the structure of the documents presented to Google and the better the documents within this collection can be found on Google.

The new value for NARCIS is exceptionally high, showing that Google ranks the content of NARCIS as very important. This means that the objects described in NARCIS will come higher in the Google results list chain. To give an impression of this high Page Rank: is also awarded at the same high rank.

The end result is that your publications, stored in the institutional repository, will become more visible (i.e. on a higher position in the listed items) when searched for via Google (Scholar).

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