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Lean Library Browser Extension

The Lean Library extension provides quick and simple access to digital content purchased by Maastricht University Library.

Download the extension and it will automatically detect when you are on a website that contains content the library subscribes to.

If you are off-campus or using wireless access, you may be prompted to log in with your UM-ID. When logged in, the extension icon in your browser toolbar will glow green if the library provides access.

If the content you’d like to use doesn’t seem accessible, the extension will automatically check for open-access versions of the article and provide a link to the PDF.

Please note: the Lean Library browser extension is not available for Android

Lean Library Browser Extension Information Guide

Why use the Lean Library extension

When you browse and search the internet for articles, journals or databases you may find content licensed by us. However, if you are not on campus or not connected to the campus network, the website you visit does not know and will not give you access to web pages or publications. Or worse, asks you to pay for access (paywall).

In these cases, the Lean Library Browser Extension will automatically show you a notification and give you access to the licensed content offered by the library.


Lean Library Browser Extension Fast Facts


1. Simplified browser access
Quick access to digital content provided by Maastricht University Library. Spend less time searching for the PDF or other full-text information.

2. Alternative options
When you hit a paywall, or we do not have a license for the website you’re on, Lean Library checks automatically for an alternative (licensed or open access) and will provide a link to the content.

3. Library assistance
For selected web pages, we will display a support message to help you. We also provide a link to quickly get in touch with our support team.


Lean Library Browser Extension comparison chart


How to install and use the extension




First, you have to download and install/activate the browser extension.

Library Access Supported browsers

Supported browsers (Android will follow soon)


After installation, you select Maastricht University as your institution in the settings and use your Maastricht University login credentials to activate the extension. Choose “Skip the popup and automate my access” to save your connection so you only have to log in once during your session.


Using the extension



Once the browser extension is activated and you load a webpage from a source we subscribe to, you will be prompted with the single sign-on login screen you know from other UM online services when you are not connected to the University network.

Library Access - proxy

Click to enlarge

Choose your institution and log in. Your login will be kept active as long as your browser is open.

Library Access - login


Access and alternatives

If your browser extension is activated and you load a page for which we provide services or content, the Lean Library icon turns green.


This means that a website with a paywall for PDF downloads, like ScienceDirect, will show you download buttons instead as if you were on campus.

If you’re on a page where a full-text link can’t be provided, Lean Library will also turn green and look for an alternative source. If a link is available Lean Library will show one of the following messages:


library access - access article

Access Article will take you to our LibSearch page that provides access to the full text.

Library Access - worldcat

Click to enlarge


library access - get article

Get Article will take you to a page where you can access the open access version of the full text.


Assist messages

We will display an assist message when you’re on a page where this extra information can help you to make use of the services provided.

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Feedback & Support

We would like to hear your feedback about this tool. You can also use this form for support when having issues with the extension.

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