Sharing and reusing learning resources in Canvas

Updated on 08 Jun 2021 | Published on 01 Jun 2021

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to decide to cancel the Canvas theme webinar on ‘Sharing and reusing learning resources in Canvas’.
Instead we offer you a dedicated selection from information which is available on the library website(s).

Sharing and reusing learning resources in Canvas

You probably want to offer literature for your course as well, or at least a list to help students pre-select educational resources to study in the light of their cases, projects and assignments. We want to touch upon several topics in this context:

  • UM staff and students can make suggestions for ordering resourcesfor the library collection.
  • Course coordinators can update the course materials for the Learning and Resource Centre by using the KeyLinks Referencelist Tool.
  • You can of course also add items to a Canvas course directly. Please watch a video in which the topic of embedding external content(besides library resources) is covered. Be aware of copyright issues there! If help is needed concerning this topic, please turn to the Copyright Information website of the library.
  • As a course coordinator, you will undoubtedly create material for your students. A topic we want to focus on in this context is how to create accessible documents (for students with disabilities).
  • If you create material which you think is worthwhile for others to use, you could consider sharing your material.

Of course we are open for questions from your side. Make use of persons/services mentioned in the specific posts/links or send an email to


Canvas Support Team

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