Receiving a 7.3 for our digital learning materials offer!

Receiving a 7.3 for our digital learning materials offer!

Published on 20 May 2021

For quite some time now, learning materials become more and more digitally available. Especially during times of COVID-19, the need to have learning materials available online became more important than ever before. So we were curious to learn what students think of the learning materials that are available for their courses. How satisfied are they? What do they think of the quality and quantity of the materials? Do they use other types of materials outside the provided course materials?

Looking at the figures of the survey

959 students filled in the survey. The overall satisfaction score was a 7.3. So nothing to worry about, you might say.
We learned that 39% of the students prefer materials in print, 49% prefers digital materials.
The usage of the materials was 76% digital, 24% in print.
52% is provided by the instructor (course), 12% by a fellow student and 36% is self-searched.


Other insights the survey offered

Students gave a lot of valuable input in the open comments. Comments with regard to the collection, the findability of the materials, some remarks on the quality and quantity of the materials, and some technical issues. And according to copyright issues … not all students seem aware or apply them as should be.

results of question about copyright related to digital learming material

For more information: read the full report.

Follow up

Library staff will take action upon the outcome of the survey and discuss things further with faculties where needed.

Author:Henrietta Hazen, coordinator Skills & Academic Support / Library UX


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.


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